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omg!!!! i forgot bout lj!!! hahahaha

ok so heres the update with my life...

~ im still with luke and i love him more then ever!!! (6 months on the 23nd)
~ mexico on july 27-30th!!!! for my 19th bday!!!
~ im dropping out of beuty skool after the semester ends (june 22nd) cuz i absolutly hate it!!
~ every one is so fucked up and so shady!!
~ i love luke, holly, stace, and lynn cuz i know that i can always depend on them <3
~ im depressed bout the college life... cuz i have no idea what to do with my life!!
~ its been a year since grad and i feel like i havent improved at all in life.
~ i think im depressed
~ ive been sober for 41 days now..... i havent done nething not even weed!!
~ i miss the alcoholic days
~ i feel like i got way fat i hate it more then nething
~ feeling so shitty bout myself maks me want to cut
~ where did all of my friends go...?
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