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i have not been on here in SO long!
i know non of my friends use this anymore so maybe i can vent

soooo within the last 2 years SO much has changed!
first off i was looking at older posts and theres stuff thats changed.

the person i loved in a few entries down... we broke up. we were together for about a year and a half..
i still and always will love him but its not the right time. hes with someone else and im interested in someone =)
its ok though if its meant to be itll happen some day.

next HUGE change is my BFF eddie...
from my older entries... (he moved to miami)
well.... Eddie was murdered on July 5th 2008.
yes itll be 1 year in 6 days.
its absolutely devastating and they havent even found his killer yet. if ur interested in reading up on it google Eddie Pieron.
ive kinda been in a depressing mood since its coming up. and i found out last week that my grandma is going to die. there is no cure. she has cancer and she has some sort of a clot and basically the only thing they are doing is giving her pain meds so she dies peacefully. Its still awful though.

and as far as my love life..
im really into this guy and he likes me too but a few months ago he got out of an on and off 6 year relationship.
so basically im waiting for him. i dont know what we are because there is no title but we act like a couple when we r together... its weird.

welllllll im gunna get going just thought id update.
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