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i love u Sammy~Jo

hey i wanted to make an entry for u
cuz i know u used to check my lj at Georges
neways i just wanted to tell u that i love u so much
and i dont want u to get hurt
so pleez be careful
cuz from what ive herd it sounds to me like ur turning into what i was 3 years ago
pleez dont end up like me
i just want the best for u
i told ur mom id move to florida if it would help
but she said it didnt matter cuz she already tried to fix it
whatever. i just hope ur ok
i worry bout u
u need to text me or sumthing so i know ur still fucking alive lol
i herd u were moving with ur dad 2
pleez be careful
make wise decisions
if moving with ur dad is rilly what u want
then go for it
but if u have doubts maybe u should think bout it more
maybe ull change ur mind
whatever though i dont want to give u a lecture
i just want u to let me know that ur ok
and my door is always open for u
i rilly wanna see u in December 2
i love u Sam!!
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