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i love lulu

"I'm so sad. I make myself so sad. Nothing ever good happens to me. All i get .... i deserve. I just want to LOVE and to be LOVED." -Lulu

that is my feelings right at this very moment.
i think i like sumone else...
i feel terrible bout adam
and the mark thing
no one knows how sorry i am
i wish i didnt hurt neone
i do still like adam
but adam deserves sumone who will be more like him
well on the same page at least.
mark and me can only be friends cuz i cant fuck that up.
i wont fuck that up
he is sumone i could tell EVERYTHING to
u cant find many ppl like that nemore
but yeah there is this guy
and i think i might be starting to like him
he is an ex of mine
but we were only together for like a few days in 8th grade lol
but still he is rilly sweet and he is more of the type i seem to go for
so i dunno what to do
i feel so stuck in my emotions right now
i just want to scream!!

Unnatural X High: :(
JshStern87: lol, i know shannon, i luv u
Unnatural X High: lol
Unnatural X High: i love u 2
JshStern87: u better
JshStern87: :-D
Unnatural X High: lol
JshStern87: so what else is new??
Unnatural X High: um lets see
Unnatural X High: ...
Unnatural X High: no sex
JshStern87: yay!!
Unnatural X High: tear-
Unnatural X High: lkol
JshStern87: lol
JshStern87: the only one u should be having sex with is me
Unnatural X High: lol
JshStern87: and my girlfriend, a 3 some!!!
JshStern87: yay!!
Unnatural X High: yay
JshStern87: :-D
Unnatural X High: ;)
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